For Love of Eli

Loree Lough


When unspeakable tragedy leaves young Eli an orphan, two families are devastated. But Taylor, Eli’s legal guardian, vows to help him remember his parents by creating a Memory Quilt. As she begins piecing together the moments of his parent's lives, the story of the young family begins to emerge and Taylor and Eli begin to heal.

But, for Eli’s uncle Reece, the past is slow in letting go. Reece still blames Taylor’s brother for his sister’s death and that fact forces him to keep a safe distance from Taylor, who he has long been attracted to. Can their shared love for Eli pave the way to forgiveness or will Taylor and Reece be separated by pain?



Loree Lough

With 4,000,000+ books in circulation, bestselling author Loree Lough's 88 novels have earned hundreds of awards, 4- and 5-star reviews, and 4 movie options. A writer who believes in giving back, she dedicates a generous portion of her income to charity; visit for the complete list.

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